A bit about us…

Urban Calm Coffee Company is the first female-focused coffee company in Canada. We sell specialty coffee sourced from women-led farms and premium teas directly to consumers. It is coffee designed for women and sourced from women. 
1) We are the only Canadian coffee company that sources all our coffee from Women – Led coffee farms in Colombia.
2) Our coffees have been roasted with a woman’s taste in mind, meaning they are smooth and not bitter, and you can enjoy a cup with less calorie-laced sweeteners. 
3) All of our coffees are small batched roasted and packaged in Calgary, Alberta.
4) We believe in empowering women one bean at a time.



Tried them all. So good! Lioness is my favourite for an Americano. Very smooth. Dreamer is my go to for a cup of coffee in a perolator. Lots of flavour. Centered the medium roast is a good match for many coffee drinkers with individual preferences. Definitely would recommend for groups. Onward has a subtle flavour and smooth. Very nice black.

Kate Nelson


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