At Urban Calm, we inspire women to slow down and take a moment of me-time through delicious coffee that has been expertly roasted locally in Calgary to appeal to a woman's desire for a smooth, non-bitter coffee with subtle chocolate and caramel tasting notes, high quality teas that are flavorful and relaxing, and gourmet hot chocolate handcrafted by Urban Calm.

Our Mission is to inspire women to start their day off on the right track by taking a small me-time moment with Urban Calm.

We believe that how you start your day is very important as it sets the tone for how you feel and your mindset for the rest of the day. 

Urban Calm's specialty coffees, premium quality teas and handcrafted gourmet hot chocolate have been designed from the inside out to comfort and bring a sense of joy. Our products awaken all your senses and create an experience through luxurious packaging and superior quality that inspires you to take a moment and start your day on a positive note.

When you start your day on a positive note, you feel better, you're in a better mindset, more confident, more focused, more productive and you get to enjoy the feeling of empowerment knowing that you can tackle the day and all its challenges. You're in control and you've got this.


       woman with coffee   



Have you ever felt overwhelmed and stressed with your head racing and in need of a moment of peace?

You wake up early after you've had a restless night knowing you have a busy day ahead. Your head is racing with work problems, kid schedules, incomplete tasks, and an exercise routine that has recently gone off the rails. 

In need of a sliver of peace and craving a pick me up, you make your way to the kitchen in need of something to make you feel good before a chaotic and hectic day begins. 

You suddenly remember that your Urban Calm subscription arrived recently so you have a bag of freshly ground coffee and box of k-cup pods sitting in the pantry. You have a long morning ahead and want a cup or two, so you decide to go all out and make a pot.

You walk into the kitchen, spot the pretty bag, pick it up and for a brief moment enjoy the velvety soft packaging in your hands and lift it to your nose and take a deep breath to smell the delicious aroma - even just through the bag it smells amazing, and for a brief moment you get lost in the moment and forget about your stress, worries and overwhelm.

As you open it, you fully soak in the delicious aroma of the tasting notes, scoop some into the coffee filter, smell it again....allowing the scent of the grounds to fill the air and silence your mind and you simply enjoy that moment.

You stand for just a minute or two as the coffee brews and take those moments to just breathe and be in the moment.

You pour a cup into your favorite mug, add just a splash of cream - you didn't need any additional sweeteners as the coffee is smooth with no bitter undertones so you are able to enjoy the coffee with no extra sugars which makes you happy.

You take a few sips with all your senses happy - from the visual of the pretty package in your kitchen, to the velvety soft bag that was a joy to touch, to the amazing and wonderfully intoxicating aroma, smooth delicious taste, and knowing you are supporting women-led farms to boot - the entire experience with Urban Calm has put you in a place of ease and inspired you to seize your moment and get ready to start a great day ahead. 







We’ve curated our coffees to provide something for everyone. Our Colombian coffee is all freshly, locally roasted in Calgary, Alberta.

Our coffees have personalities and have been created with a woman’s taste in mind. Did you know that woman prefer sweeter coffee, whereas men tend to like it more bitter? It may not surprise you, but women are more likely to reach for the sweeteners to dress up their brew, while men are more likely to go for no room, straight up black. Our coffees have been roasted with this in mind.

We expertly roast our coffee to highlight and elevate the beans natural sweet chocolate and caramel tasting notes to bring out as much sweet flavor as possible. We strive to produce coffee that is so tasty and appealing to the palette that it reduces the urge to reach for calorie-laced sweeteners to achieve a delicious cup of coffee. It is coffee designed for women using beans sourced from women-led farms.

Whether you’re in the mood for something balanced and relaxing (try our Centered roast), something lively to keep you moving when you’re on-the-go (check out Onward roast), something to inspire you and unlock your inner creativity (unplug with Dreamer  roast), or seeking something bolder with some attitude to bring a little roar to your day (meet the Queen of the jungle with our Lioness  roast), at Urban Calm we have you covered.

For any coffee lovers that suffer from tummy troubles from their morning cup of java, our reduced acid Dreamer Dark Roast is for you. Its reduced acidity makes it easy on the stomach. Enjoy all the taste without the undesirable side effects!






Ready to relax and unwind? Sip your way to ease and comfort. 

It's time to seize your moment with the Urban Calm premium quality tea collection featuring 12 delicious teas that smell and taste delicious!

Embrace yourself in the delicious scents of minty peppermint, sweet chai, calming chamomile, rich english breakfast, and enchanting earl grey.

Find your favorite flavour with our 12 different flavours of herbal, chai, black and green loose leaf tea flavours.


earl grey black tea   green tea   coconut chai tea     






Want something a little sweet, but no too sweet for your me-time moment?

Our Pure Bliss Gourmet Hot Chocolate is handcrafted locally in Calgary, Alberta with high quality, premium ingredients for a rich and creamy drinking experience that is not-too-sweet but just-sweet-enough. Mix with water or milk for the perfect hot chocolate.


gourmet hot chocolate


Like to mix it up? Try our Merry Mocha with our Dreamer Dark Roast Coffee + Gourmet Hot Chocolate 

1/4 Cup Coffee (recommend Urban Calm Dreamer dark roast)

3/4 Cup Pure Bliss Gourmet Hot Chocolate




Before roasting, tasting, and relaxing with a good cup of coffee begins, we start by sourcing our green coffee beans from women-led coffee farms in Colombia. Although women are heavily involved in coffee bean farming work, with 80% of coffee farms harvested and maintained by women labor, only a fraction, 20-30%, of coffee farms globally are female managed or led. Women are often held back by a variety of factors including societal boundaries, access to education and training, access to credit, and land ownership.

When women lead or manage a coffee bean farm, it uplifts and empowers women, their families, and their communities through financial empowerment and social elevation and influence.

While you enjoy every sip, you can feel good knowing that you are making a difference and helping women in developing nations succeed.

As the saying goes, empowered women empower women.

We are proud to be in business with women-led farms.


woman farmer




Welcome! My name is Tara Duncan and I am the Founder / President of Urban Calm Coffee. 


Urban Calm Coffee Company is a Calgary, Alberta based coffee company that sells direct trade coffee sourced from women-led farms in South America and roasts the beans locally in Calgary. We are an innovative enterprise that sources 100% of our coffee beans from women-led farms and we are creating a women-centric coffee brand.

Urban Calm’s premium specialty coffee and tea items, which "empower women one bean at a time," are available exclusively online and encourage women to “Seize Your Moment”.
Urban Calm Coffee Company prioritizes high-quality beans, with a special emphasis on roasting to highlight and elevate the natural sweet chocolate and caramel tasting notes. This allows us to extract as much sweet flavor as possible and produce coffee that is not only tasty and pleasing to the palate, but also balanced and relaxing.
We are a small batch roaster that starts by sourcing green coffee beans from women-led coffee farms. In fact, we are proud to be the only Canadian coffee company that sources 100% of its beans from women-led farms.
At Urban Calm Coffee, we appreciate that when women lead or manage a coffee bean farm, they uplift and empower themselves, their families, and their communities through financial empowerment as well as social elevation and influence.

After years of working in marketing and project management, I made the entrepreneurial leap and struck out on my own. I have always been a coffee lover. As a teen one of my first jobs was a barista in a small café before I began my academic pursuits and achieved a Bachelor of Management (marketing major) and Project Management Professional designation.

One of my favorite parts of the day is first thing in the morning, enjoying a moment (sometimes that all you get!) of peace with a cup of hot coffee before the chaos of the day begins. I have always found it challenging to find good coffee that did not require a lot of calorie-laced sweeteners to be enjoyed. Over the years I have been in numerous office kitchens and other venues and found myself drowning my coffee in calorie-laced flavored creamers and sugar to mask the bitterness and overall unpleasant flavor of the coffee. This is a common issue I have heard from many other women over the years; the need to mask bitter coffee with calorie-laced sweeteners.

On average a free form (not measured) pour of creamer comes out to about ¼ a cup. Within a week, you can easily consume over a cup of creamer (and lots of calories that add to your waistline) with just a couple of cups of coffee daily!  

I created Urban Calm Coffee with a desire to create delicious coffee that did not require lots of calorie-laced sweeteners to be enjoyable so I could truly seize my moment each morning before I start my day. It is coffee with chocolate and caramel tasting notes that is smooth, sweet, and enjoyable with coffee beans that support women coffee farmers.

At Urban Calm, our mission is to inspire women to seize their moment and create a moment of me-time with a delicious cup of coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Wishing you many moments!