September 29, 2022

A Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Announces the Launch of a Female-Focused Coffee Company

The Urban Calm Coffee Company is a pioneering new eCommerce start-up that sells direct trade coffee from women-led farms in South America.

September 29, 2022, Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Entrepreneur, Tara Duncan, is pleased to announce the launch of her e-commerce business Urban Calm Coffee Company. The innovative enterprise sources 100% of their coffee beans from women-led farms and is creating a brand focused on women. Urban Calm’s premium specialty coffee and tea items, which "empower women one bean at a time," are available exclusively online.

"I created Urban Calm Coffee Company with a desire to develop delicious coffee that is designed for women using beans sourced from women,” says Tara Duncan, the company’s founder. Continuing she adds, “Our coffees have been created with a woman’s taste in mind, meaning they aren’t bitter and you won’t need to add lots of sweeteners to enjoy.”

Urban Calm Coffee Company prioritizes high-quality beans, with a special emphasis on roasting to highlight and elevate the natural sweet chocolate and caramel tasting notes. This allows them to extract as much sweet flavor as possible and produce coffee that is not only tasty and pleasing to the palate, but also balanced and relaxing.

Customers can also feel satisfied knowing that Urban Calm Coffee is a small batch roaster that starts by sourcing green coffee beans from female-led coffee farms. In fact, Urban Calm is proud to be the only Canadian coffee company that sources 100% of its beans from women-led farms.

Urban Calm Coffee appreciates that when women lead or manage a coffee bean farm, they uplift and empower themselves, their families, and their communities through financial empowerment as well as social elevation and influence.

About Urban Calm Coffee Company: Tara Duncan founded the Urban Calm Coffee Company. The online coffee retailer provides ethically sourced, direct trade, small batch roasted coffees made from beans sourced exclusively from women-led coffee farms in South America. Every delicious cup of coffee is roasted and packaged in Canada.

CONTACT: To learn more about Urban Calm Coffee, purchase or sign up for a subscription, or schedule an interview for an article, please contact us.

Phone: 403-703-1212 
Address: 5027 21 Street SW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2T 5B9
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