Join Urban Calm Coffee at Calgary Stampede Kitchen Theatre 2024

The countdown begins for my coffee demo at the 2024 Calgary Stampede in the Kitchen Theatre.

If someone had told me two years ago when I started Urban Calm Coffee that I would be invited to present my company and sample my coffee at the Calgary Stampede at the Kitchen Theatre stage I wouldn’t have believed them.

Why? Because, given my kitchen skills or lack thereof, I’m pretty much the last person on earth you would think would be on stage doing a demo in a kitchen!

But two years after Urban Calm Coffee launched, here we are!

I will be doing a demo sampling the entire Urban Calm Coffee collection which includes our Onward light roast, Centered medium roast, Dreamer dark roast and Lioness espresso.

I’ve been asked a few times how I prepare for doing a demo presentation?

My answer – I create the demo in my kitchen and practice, practice, practice to figure out what works and find any sticky points where my wording or movements need to be adjusted to flow better, and my dogs are the audience. One bark is good, two barks is try again, hehe!


See you at the Calgary Stampede, Kitchen Theatre!

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