Enjoy Your Morning Coffee, Skip the Calories

Have you ever been handed a steaming mug of coffee, taken one sip and headed straight to calorie-laced creamers to mask the bitter undertones of the brew?

You are far from alone. Approximately 43% (Researchco) of Canadians take their coffee with a generous pour of creamer to bring some sweetness to bitter brew.

Most creamers state a single serving at 1 table spoon for 35 calories, 1.5 grams fat, 6 grams sugar.

According to Eat This, Not That! an unmeasured/free form pour of creamer can actually be equal to four times that amount - 4 tablespoons or ¼ cup, which can lead to up to an additional 15-pound weight gain in a single year and we haven't even added any additional sugar yet!


How can you keep your daily caffeine fix and save your calorie intake for your chocolate cravings?

Try a higher quality coffee bean that has been roasted to highlight tasting note flavors that appeal to you so you are less inclined to try to mask the coffee flavor with an overly generous pour of creamer.

Urban Calm's coffee is roasted intentionally to highlight chocolate and caramel that provide a smooth and balanced drinking experience. We aim to remove the bitter undertones that often come with many roasted coffees.

If you’re looking to enjoy a cup of coffee without feeling the urge to fill it to the brim with sweeteners, try an Urban Calm roast - Onward, Centered, Dreamer and Lioness.

Urban Calm's coffees have been roasted with intention to highlight chocolate and caramel tasting notes with a smooth and balanced texture.

All the Flavor, No Filler Coffee