Coffee Grind Size: Which is Right For Your Brew?

If you are a coffee lover looking for the right coffee grind size and the best method to brew coffee, then this article will answer all your questions!

Did you know that the wrong coffee grind can lead to poorly extracted coffee and tastes flat? And if you are planning to switch to a pre-grind coffee to save time and make it hassle-free, then trust me, you will miss that iconic coffee flavor and aroma that comes with freshly ground coffee.

Don’t panic. Just read out the coffee grind size chart and select the coffee grind that goes best with your coffee brew.

Coffee Ground Size Dramatically Affects Flavor

Being a professional lady, you must have a refreshing cup of morning coffee that makes you energetic for a whole day’s work. You can get your preferred coffee flavor without wasting time by understanding the relationship between coffee flavor and coffee grinding size. 

This might surprise you that coffee grind size affects the flavor more than the bean itself. And fresh coffee beans can taste bitter with the wrong coffee grind. The coffee grind size affects the extraction, which ensures how much flavor is in your cup of coffee. The surface area of the coffee grind directly affects the coffee extraction. The smaller coffee grind will take more time to extract flavor, and the bigger one will take less time.

Remember one thing: the less time the water is in contact with the coffee grind, the finer the grind size should be.

Here is the complete coffee grind size chart that suggests the best brewing method for each grind size:

French Press: Coffee Grind Size - Coarse Grind 

The coarse coffee ground looks chunky, like salt or rough sand. This grind size is used for a French press as it has a longer contact time between the coffee and water. If you feel the coffee is a bit muddy, increase the grind size.

Chemex - Coffee Grind Size - Medium to Coarse Grind

The medium-coarse ground would be the best for Chemex or any other pour-over coffee. This grind is a bit less chunky than used for French press, just the size of sugar. The Chemex uses a thick-walled filter that resists water, so the medium to coarse grind extracts the maximum flavor in this condition.

Siphon Coffee Maker - Coffee Grind Size - Medium

A siphon coffee maker requires a medium coffee grind that is somewhat sand-sized, giving you a full-bodied and clean cup. The coffee grind size should be between the filter and the espresso; it should not be small enough to clog the filter.

Espresso Machine, Moka Pot, or Aero Press - Coffee Grind Size - Fine Grind

Espresso is one of the most sensitive coffee types regarding the grinding size. It uses fine coffee grinds like table salt. The espresso takes only 30 seconds and uses nine bar pressure to brew. This short contact time between water and the coffee requires a fine coffee grind to get a balanced coffee flavor.

Turkish Coffee - Coffee Grind Size - Extra Fine Grind

Turkish coffee is one of the strongest coffees, and it requires an extra fine coffee grind, just like powdered sugar that you can also mold in your hand. All the coffee grounds remain in the cup of coffee; most of them settle to the bottom of the cup and are even drinkable.


So, now you have got the best idea about your preferred coffee grind that goes best with your coffee brew.

Don’t forget; the perfect grind size can take you from a bitter cup of coffee to a rich, flavorful cup of coffee.