3 Benefits of Supporting Women-Led Coffee Farms

Did you know that women make up almost 70% of the global coffee production workforce, but only 20 – 25% of coffee farms are led or managed by women? The good news is some companies are working diligently to close this gap. There are many courageous and inspiring women-owned operations leading the way.


Why Women Are Great Coffee Farmers

Over 70% of women work in coffee production. From pickers to roasters to managers to owners of small farms - women are everywhere in the supply chain. Women are great coffee examiners because they are detailed and meticulous by nature.


1) Increased Productivity

Women on coffee farms are more productive than men. They often do more daily work than men in the coffee industry. Studies show that men generally work 8 hours daily, while women work up to 15 hours daily. Women contribute to an increase in agricultural productivity and put elevated focus on quality.  For example, a famous business investor expressed in an interview that wherever women appear in the supply chain, quality is known to be improved.


2) Improved Standard of Living

When women earn an income, they are likely to divide their share. One part of the income goes to family, whereas they reinvest the other in their business. This not only improves families’ nutrition but scales their business too. And with scalability, they get access to education and agricultural resources. Research indicates that the involvement of women in coffee production positively impacts the standard of living while also raising farm productivity and reducing poverty.  


3) Sustainable Growth

Women are more receptive to new technologies that contribute to sustainable business growth. When they have access to education and agricultural resources, productivity increases, enabling them to bring high-quality coffee to the market. Plus, encouraging gender equality can immensely contribute to making female farmers resilient to volatile coffee prices and their adaptive capacity to weather change.


Women-Led Coffee Farms are the Future!

Various studies show that women-led businesses perform better than others. Many investors state that investing more in companies helmed by females is a smart business move as it guarantees better ROI through high quality yields.

Urban Calm Coffee supports women-led coffee farmer’s by exclusively sourcing 100% of their coffee beans from women-led farms.  At Urban Calm Coffee, their Columbian coffee is ethically sourced from a single origin with direct trade from the cooperative ASPROTIMANA, a leading South American coffee organization. 

Start supporting women-led coffee farms today!